January 23, 2019
Philosophically speaking Scan is much more than a sensors company.
Whether we are an individual or an organization...
Gear Sensor
November 21, 2018
We have a new product! We have released a series of Hall Effect sensors for high frequency applications such as speed measurement and gear tooth detection.
New Fos1
November 08, 2018
The original fiber optics amplifier (FOS1) has been in our product lineup for over 15 years. In 2018 we created its replacement. The new FOS1 contains the same reliable electronics and the simple to use interface.
David Chen, GGA
August 29, 2018
Dr. Chen has been the executive advisor at Scan since 2011. His efforts here helped make Scan one of the model companies in the area in terms of occupational health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and environmental consciousness...
Lantern Festival !!!
March 05, 2018
March 2nd was the Lantern Festival, officially marking the end of the Lunar New Year celebration. I happened to be at our plant in Shenzhen. At this point.....